Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Haunted Real Estate in South Florida

By Alexandra Tarallo

South Florida is an area of much history including Native Americans, European settlers, and infamous battles and stories. Some consider this to be the perfect setting for paranormal activity.

Most famously haunted Fort Lauderdale has a wealth of rumors involving paranormal activity. The Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour explores the city’s haunted past with visits to the Stranahan House, the New River Inn, and the Bonnet House.

The New River Inn which now houses the Old Fort Lauderdale Museum of History is said to house several ghosts such as a middle aged man wearing a duster, a young man who advances suddenly to the front door and presses his face against the window, and a little girl with curly hair who stares melancholically out of a window.

Fort Lauderdale isn’t the only city to feature haunted houses. Broward County real estate tells the same stories of paranormal activity.

The seventh floor of the Ramada Inn in Hollywood Beach is said to be haunted. Voices and noises have been witnessed by personnel and guests alike. The hotel was once a favorite hang-out of the infamous Al Capone and was also a hospital and a bible school before restoring the hotel once again. Just minutes away, residents and visitors of the Hollybrook Golf and Tennis condominium community have reported seeing the ghost of an elderly woman on the left hand side of the road wearing a pink night gown and making motions for drivers to slow down.

In Dade county, haunting activity has been reported in South Dade High School, the Deer Run “Curtis Mansion,” the Miami Beach Colony Theater, and the Miami River Inn, as well as at Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High and Hialeah High School.

Palm Beach’s historical lighthouse in Jupiter is said to be haunted as well. Employees have reported strange noises and cold spots. Visitors have reported feeling someone’s hands upon their shoulders, when they look back, they chillingly realize no one’s there.
Tonight when you’re out trick-or-treating in these areas, make sure to keep an eye out for ghosts. You might just get lucky!

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